The Importance of Holiday

We have just returned from a lovely, sun-filled week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Kurt and I, along with three other couples, have much to be grateful for including:

  • time spent connecting. Catching up, enjoying wonderful meals together, laughing, memories made.
  • being Canadian. It is such a wonderful feeling to hear (many times over) from Mexicans that they love Canadians.
  • the sun. Being in a sunny place for even a week, helps to reset your commitment to winter 🙂
  • the opportunity to experience local culture. We headed off the resort to the small mountain village of San Sebastian where we can easily see that simplicity creates happiness. Every Mexican town has a town center or ‘plaza’ that plays music all day until late afternoon – what a lovely and welcoming tradition.
  • the hospitality of the Mexican people.
  • the ocean. Relaxing on the beach is always a wonderful way to feel grounded and at peace.
  • home. Returning home to family and its coziness is always a part of the experience of travel.

Taking holidays (even if you don’t travel), is an important element of self-care. It reminds us that spending time with our loved ones is an important way we can connect – especially when we are not confined to the pressures we often experience as part of our daily routine. And if travelling is a part of holiday plans, we can experience the lovely feeling of escape – an important element in recognizing how necessary it is to purposely plan for fun and play in creating a contented life.

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