The Importance of Movement

Staying home during the pandemic can potentially lead to increased sedentary time. Despite our natural inclination to cuddle up on the couch with Netflix, it is also important to keep the importance of movement in mind:

  • Movement is ‘meditation in motion.’ I don’t remember where I heard that phrase, but it is so true. My daily walks with Cricket are my thinking time; I do my best processing out on the trail.
  • Exercise increases improved focusing. Images of the brain before and after exercise indicate a greater ability to process information and a heightened attention to detail.
  • Movement helps with circulation. Little walking breaks, do a few stretches, take a few deep breaths outside.
  • Exercise helps to boost our mood. Natural endorphins, decreased cortisol = happier state overall.
  • Any type of movement helps. Exercise in any form will get our bodies moving; gardening, cleaning, dancing.
  • Movement helps increase our self esteem and confidence. When we purposefully make our physical and mental health a priority by making time for some form of exercise, our sense of accomplishment helps to build our self-identity.

Keeping movement in mind for our daily and weekly goals is a fairly simple way to keep ourselves on track when it comes to our emotional health. Perhaps it is time for some meditation in motion.

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