The Importance of Self-Care

When life gets busy and overwhelming, we can easily put ourselves on the back burner.  We may find excuses as to why our planned walk isn’t necessary, or meeting with a friend this week “will have to wait.”  A few days of this is tolerable and sometimes necessary, but if it becomes  more of a constant than not, we begin to feel depleted. In our busy lives, it often feels overwhelming to think of possibly fitting some self-care into our day and yet it is also a vital way to build and restore energy. It is also one of the number one ways we reduce stress, and therefore, anxiety.

Optimal self-care is daily; it begins by recognizing the things that bring us peace and building from there. This can include anything from a warm bath at the end of your day, to 20 minutes of reading, a walk with the dog, watching a favourite show, playing a board game, sitting with a friend for coffee. Setting the goal of daily self-care is the first step; tailoring it to fit you will make it sustainable. Try at first to give yourself even 10 minutes of “you time “a day; it will become a healthy habit you will never want to break 😊

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Self-Care”

  1. I appreciate the phrase, recognizing the things that bring us peace and building from there. Often women’s lives have been busy for so long that to simply ask about self care is like speaking in a foreign language. Your phrase captures the need for being life sized and doable.

    Another lovely morning gem, thank you

    • Thanks for your feedback Gurlie! Self-care has to be one of the most underrated coping strategies out there. Especially for women! You got that right, friend!


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