Our Spiritual Side

In a former post, we explored the importance of the balance of well being. One of the areas that often gets neglected is our spiritual side; the part of us that seeks deeper connection with the world around us. Spirituality as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary: attachment to all that concerns the life of the soul // the quality of being spiritual. And the definition of the word soul: the vital principle which moves and animates all life. 

For some people, spirituality includes religion. Being a part of a religious community, being able to celebrate in a place of worship, and incorporating prayer into daily life are ways that one can feel closer to an entity that is greater than themselves; touching on an inner connectedness to peace.

Spirituality, however, is also independent of religion; it is about how we connect to our own soulful life, how we nourish and foster tranquility, leading to acts of grace. We may find it in nature, in time spent with a newborn, in the undisturbed moments we carve out for ourselves, in the mindful practice of meditation, in our thoughtful intentions, in the gratefulness of our blessings.

Regardless of how we tap into our spiritual self, the act of building leads to a greater attachment to our soul.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@aamir_in




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