In Order to Thrive: Post 4

The Canadian Mental Health Association lists a sense of hope as one of the factors that contribute to our ability to thrive.

We are born with eternal hope. It is one of the traits that allows us to have faith that things will work out; that the rough times will pass; that we can face our challenges. A sense of hope; however, is cultivated.

When we feel intrinsically that we have some control over which direction our life can go, we feed hope. When we look for a deeper meaning in what has hurt us, integrating the experience, we feed hope.  When we connect with someone else’s story, we feed hope. Sometimes it requires that we shift our expectations; sometimes we may need to purposefully seek out the good in the world.

And lastly, we can reinforce hopeful feelings through our joyful moments. Making sure that we build joy into our lives, we actively cultivate our sense of hope, contributing to our overall sense of well being and a satisfied life.

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