In Order to Thrive: Post 6

In our last on a series on which we have explored what the Canadian Mental Health Association marks as 6 things we need in order to thrive, today we examine sense of belonging.

As I often remark, we are a relationship species. Part of our ability to have a sense of self, purpose, contribution, hope and resilience depends upon the connection we have with others. When we have the sense that we belong, we feel accepted; when we can feel unconditional acceptance from others, it leads to feeling safe and secure.

Sometimes we get our sense of belonging from only a few people; other times from the communities we are connected to such as a church, group, or sports team. Sometimes our sense of belonging extends to where we live, and to society in general. We feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves; we recognize the value in having supportive people in our life.

Cultivating our sense of belonging includes the appreciation of other, being open minded to both the similarities and differences to those around us, saying yes to opportunities to making our world a bit bigger. It is about feeling good about our personal relationships.

This concludes our series highlighting six areas we need in order to thrive. Our goals for emotional wellness can begin to include self-reflection, recognizing the areas that we have identified as our current strengths and reinforcing any area that may require some fortifying. We can continue growth through cultivation.

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