In Order to Thrive: Post 3

Moving right along in our series about the 6 things we need to thrive (as noted by the Canadian Mental Health Association), today we look at sense of contribution. This is a bit different to our sense of purpose, although has similar qualities. As we learned yesterday, our sense of purpose helps to define our priorities and helps to give our future meaning and security. Contribution tends to be more about the act of giving and can even include altruism – which is the act of giving without expecting anything in return.

We are a relationship species; we rely on connection to feel secure and safe. Being able to give to others, whether it be to our loved ones, our co-workers, the communities we belong to or to society in general, allows us to form connections that are meaningful. We can contribute financially or through volunteering; our acts of kindness towards others count as well.

A sense of contribution is important for our emotional health as it gives us a sense that what we do matters to others. It also allows us to feel useful and productive – two factors that help to create movement and growth. It is comforting to know that we can make the world a better place in our own way, big or small, acknowledged or not.

It is important for us to examine in what ways we contribute; not only are we making others happy, we feed our own sense of contentedness as well.

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