In Order to Thrive: Post 2

Yesterday we began a series on the 6 things we need to thrive as noted by the Canadian Mental Health Association. We continue today with a sense of purpose. Our sense of purpose is tied to our future and is often what motivates us to live a full and satisfying life. It is also tied to what allows us to feel as though we are moving forward – an important factor in our individual growth.

But the word purpose can trip us up sometime. We can fall into the trap of linking it into something so big picture that it seems unattainable and we struggle with what our “purpose” can be. Sometimes our purpose is simply to be a good mom or dad, sibling or friend. Sometimes our purpose is found in the little acts of kindness we do for our loved ones. Sometimes our purpose is linked to our occupation or what we do as a volunteer. Sometimes our purpose is found in the thoughtful intentions we carry for others.

We are much better served in knowing that our sense of purpose simply helps to prioritize our lives, it helps to give our lives meaning and security and a sense that we get some intrinsic value out of the things that we say and do.

Doing some exploration around purpose can be a fruitful exercise as most people don’t recognize their true value until they really begin to write down their core values and contributions to themselves and the people in their lives.

Tomorrow we will continue our series with a sense of contribution.

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