The Influences We Choose

Theodore Roosevelt said, “I am part of everything that I have read.” 

For an avid reader, this resonates strongly with me as I believe that we integrate something into our experience with every book that we read. But so it would also go with the music that we listen to, the podcasts that we play on our way to work, the TV shows that we choose to watch. It matters how much news we subscribe to absorb daily, the way we prefer to spend our free time, the people we choose to connect with, how much time we spend in nature.

What we surround ourselves with matters. If what we choose to surround ourselves carries worry and doubt, we feed our fears and anxiety system. If our choices carry with it positive feelings or a sense of calm, that helps in our overall goal to feed our comfort system. If it brings with it laughter, joy, and meaningful moments or thought,  it adds to the foundation of our day.

What we surround ourselves with matters; let’s choose wisely 🙂

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