An Interesting Documentary to Note

The documentary entitled “Reversing Your Body Clock,” produced by The Passionate Eye and featured on CBC Gem, is a very interesting piece on the difference between our birth year age and the age of our body clock (the age your body is functioning at from a health perspective.)

The episode features three volunteers. Each go through a series of tests to determine their body clock age; all three are shocked to see that their body clock age is so far above their birthday age. Here are some interesting observations from having watched the show:

  • One fellow was slim and trim; it was actually hard to believe that his body clock age wasn’t going to equal or be less than his real age. He came into the clinic because he was worried about his eating habits, noting that because he could eat whatever he wanted and stay thin, he did. As a result, his cholesterol and blood pressure was high and therefore making his heart and health that of a much older man.
  • Another volunteer’s issue was sleep. It was interesting to see how duration and efficiency of sleep affected the aging process. They had her use a method called sleep restriction to get her sleeping back on track; she was also encouraged to exercise in order to get the recommended 150 minutes a week, as exercise is also a good promoter of a sound night’s sleep.
  • And lastly, they featured a woman who had high anxiety. To help her reduce her body clock, they recommended exercise as a way to help combat stress, as well as daily mindfulness.

The tests that they use to determine body clock age were super interesting; and the results after only three months of lifestyle change were quite impressive.

It is an episode worth watching and you can find the link at:

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