Interesting Facts About Walking

We all know that walking is good for us. In an article entitled “The benefits of walking and how to get the most out of it” by RJ Skinner and featured on CBC Life, Skinner includes some interesting facts about what is considered our most natural form of exercise:

  • “Regular walking has been shown to fight genetic weight gain, curb cravings, ease joint pain and strengthen your immunity.” I especially liked hearing that “walking can help tame your sweet tooth; even a 15 minute walk can help to alleviate sugar cravings.”
  • A 2015 study found that going from a sedentary lifestyle to taking 10,000 steps per day could lower your risk of mortality by 46 per cent.”
  • “Walking can be used as part of a greater regimen as it can work well with other forms of exercise such as strength training or flexibility type exercise programs.”

What I appreciate most about this article is the focus on the simplicity of walking. We don’t need a lot of equipment, it is a four season activity, and it feels natural to our body. Walking in nature is also good for our peace of mind, reducing our overall stress levels and increasing our feeling of calm. “One step at a time,” literally 🙂

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  1. 46% possible reduction in mortality is surprising but shouldnt be. no bigger inspiration to walk than that. looks like i need a step counter.


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