Interesting Truths About the Brain

Information from this post comes from Dr. Nicole LePera on Instagram. Neuroplasticity and brain science are constantly discovering new truths about the brain; here are 6 truths highlighted by Dr. LePera:

  1. The brain is made up of 60% fat.
  2. The brain is not fixed, it’s neuroplastic. The brain changes throughout a person’s lifetime.
  3. Atrophy (brain shrinkage) is present in depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  4. The brain is in constant communication with the gut.
  5. When attention is focused, the brain emits energy waves at 10 to 100 cycles per minute.
  6. The brain and heart communicate through the vagus nerve.

When we are armed with the knowledge that our brains have the ability to change with experience, we can give ourselves permission to begin challenging the core beliefs that appear to be rigid. When we are armed with the knowledge that our brains are connected to our ‘feeling’ organs such as our gut and our heart, we can lean into relying on our emotions as a trustworthy guide.

By living an engaged and purposeful life, we care for our brain. We create space for it to be an important element in living with improved emotional wellness. :)

Tomorrow’s post will feature ways to strengthen our brain!

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