Is Love Really All We Need?

Outside of food, water and shelter, pretty much. :) And although it can be that simple, what do we really mean by love?

  • Connection. In order to feel secure, we must feel connected to others. And in order to feel secure and whole, those connections need to be healthy. Mutual trust and respect, a sense that you can count on each other, the freedom to be yourself within the relationship.
  • Joy. It is our birthright to live a joyful life. When we consciously design our lives to include actually enjoying it, we connect with the part of ourselves that emanates love – both to ourselves and others. This is the fun part of love.
  • Light. Love is spiritual. It is what we feel when we are most settled and at peace. It is the sacred part inside of us that is connected to the spiritual; however that might be defined for you. When we connect with that part of ourselves, we radiate a sense of communion to others.

We can make the decision to choose love over fear, faith over doubt, forgiveness over resentment. When we consciously makes these choices, we allow ourselves to strenghten and grow – giving others around us permission to do the same.

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