Jesse Thistle Memoir

If you are looking for a good memoir to read, I would suggest “From the Ashes” by Jesse Thistle. A story that includes conflict and uncertainty at a young age, the experience of abandonment by his parents and how being drawn to addiction led this young man to spend over ten years in a cycle of homelessness, crime and time spent in jail. A cycle in which family members gave in or gave up.

From reading this story:

  • I am amazed at what the human brain and body can endure and still survive. Amazed.
  • It reinforces my strong belief that the human spirit can and does prevail through heartache and trauma.
  • It teaches us that being true to ourselves brings healing and peace. For Jesse Thistle this included a return to his Indigenous culture and embracing who he is.
  • It shows us the power of forgiveness; not only for those who seek it, but for those who grant it.

You will be pleased to have picked up this book and follow Jesse’s journey back to himself.

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