Keep Blooming

I have come to really appreciate the work of Morgan Harper Nichols:

Because no matter the amount of times you have felt lost

in a sea of a thousand things to do, in a range of roles and responsibilities

and the many ways that others see you, all along you have still been you.

You have been blooming everyday, and no amount of feeling 

unnoticed can pull you away from this truth. 

-Morgan Harper Nichols

There are times in life when we may feel unappreciated; perhaps in the busyness of our days we have put ourselves on the back burner. I believe that any work we have done on ourselves is never lost; the progress has still been achieved. It is perhaps a re-shifting of our needs that simply requires our attention to bring us back to our bloom 🙂

Photo credit: http://Photo by Polychrome Creative on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Keep Blooming”

  1. I want to make sure to let you know that the writers you show case here are wonderful and in addition to your post putting a shine on the day I also get the inspiration to look up and follow new to me authors. Thanks for this!

    • Thanks Gurlie! I also really appreciate the words of wisdom out there; if only I had more time to read! haha…I would never get through the books on my “to read” list even if I did!

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