Keeping in Mind: Post Four

In our fourth post honouring Mental Health Week, we examine the importance of movement and how it affects our emotional health.

Our overall well being is affected by how much we feel we have control over our lives. Our work, relationships, spirituality, social life and self-identity are areas that without goals can begin to feel weighted or meaningless. This is why movement is essential to growth. When we aspire to things, when we consciously choose the design of our lives, when we seek joy in our everyday lives, we are promoting strength, resiliency and growth.

The leaps don’t have to be big ones; we can aim for one goal at a time – the intention is movement, no matter the pace. It is by keeping a pulse on the stillness within us that we best recognize the meaning making of movement; of what we choose to create significance in our lives.

As Stirling Moss quoted, “Movement is tranquility.”

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