Keeping in Mind: Post 1

In honour of Mental Health Week which starts today, I will do a 5 part series about things we can keep in mind when thinking about our mental health. It is meant to make us aware and mindful about our emotional health; to consider and possibly create change so as to optimize its function.

Today’s post focuses on taking care of ourselves.

When we consciously aim to take care of our body, mind and spirit, we are creating our foundation. This may seem simple and perhaps goes without saying, yet how many times do we realize, after the fact, that we have put our health and well being on the back burner? Ways that we can move towards the foundational importance of self-care can include:

  • Our physical health. Do we get enough sleep? Do we move enough? Are we eating well? Our physical body often represents aspects of our emotional wellness. When we decide that we need to improve our physical state, it often comes with the positive side effects of improved mental function.
  • Our comfort system. We are not meant to be in fight-or-flight, survival mode but rather in a relaxed state most of the time. How are we feeding our comfort system so as to find the balance between rest and effort? Are we able to establish daily self-care routines that help to manage stress? Sometimes this may include learning how to say no, challenging core beliefs, leaning into joy.

Taking care of ourselves is often the first step in beginning the process of improving or optimizing our mental health. The next four posts will continue to offer some thoughtful tips when it comes to our emotional health.

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