Let’s Give Up……Post 2

Yesterday we began a series that explores giving up certain things in order to improve or optimize our mental health. Today, let’s explore giving up the need to be right.

Ooooh, that can be a tough one. Especially when we know that we are right. Haha 🙂

Sometimes our need to be right comes out of a disagreement with someone. When our tempers flare and anger has taken over, we can almost be guaranteed that our need to be right will supercede our ability to see something with an open mind. If we recognize that our need to be right comes out of anger, we are better served to take a break from the conversation and resume when the jets have cooled off.

Sometimes our need to be right comes out of our own sense of insecurity. We have all experienced the quintessential ‘know-it-all,’ who seems to know everything and yet nothing. If our need to be right comes from a place of low self-esteem or insecurity about something, we are better served to begin to look at why that is and how we can potentially increase our sense of self worth to bring us to a place of greater confidence and humility.

Sometimes our need to be right comes out of sheer stubbornness or a rigid way of thinking. When we lean into a fixed mindset, we can often close ourselves off from learning something new or adopting a new perspective about something. Reducing our need to be right due to inflexibility comes from leaning into the fact that even experts have room to learn and when we are open to new knowledge or a different way of doing something, we increase our emotional intelligence.

Let’s give up our need to be right – after all, when we know better, we do better!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Give Up……Post 2”

  1. You have such wise words to impart. Thank you, Kristine. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sage advice.
    I’m in my 6th decade. Wondering how to gently tell a friend to stop telling me what to do, especially when I don’t ask. I know she means well but I find it difficult to just smile and say thank you. Inside, I get very riled and cannot always keep my cool.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Julia,
      Thanks for your feedback and kind words. It can be difficult sometimes when we know someone means well yet their need to be right feels invasive. It sounds like you are trying to first lean into compassion which softens your overall feelings towards your friend. From there, perhaps you can begin to say something short and soft in order to also send the message to your friend that you are capable of making your own choices. Hope this helps!


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