Let’s Not Underestimate the Power of Dancing

When is the last time you went dancing? As we age and mature (and tend to enjoy a quiet evening at home over pumping it up at the clubs), we often don’t have the opportunity to dance.

Last Friday evening, Kurt and I attended a lovely Christmas wedding. With the ceremony and reception being on the same street on which we reside, AND it being a Friday evening, I was sure that we would be home by 11 pm. After a typical work week, I feel the lull of a quiet Friday evening at home; enjoying pizza and a wine spritzer. If Kurt is lucky, I will make it through two episodes of our current show.

Looking forward to the wedding, it lived up to my expectations; the ceremony was lovely, tablemates as well. Speeches were simple and funny. Food was delicious – imagine poutine at a wedding reception? And there was dancing. Get you moving, feel the vibes in your whole being, bring you back in time, keep you up on the dance floor dancing. A few slow songs thrown in there, and the night was perfect.

I could give you a few psychological reasons that dancing is good for you, or I can just tell you from experience that it is good for the soul. It lightens you; it is joyful. Take the opportunity to dance when it presents itself; or create one – dancing in the kitchen works too. You will be glad that you did.

PS: We got home at 1 am 🙂

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Photo credit: http://Photo by Byron Stumman on Unsplash

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