Let’s Talk About Avoidance

Sometimes when we are feeling stuck, we tend to lean into some defense strategies in order to avoid an inner truth. We will talk around an issue, find excuses, sometimes we project our problems or insecurities onto others, we stay so busy we don’t have time to think about it. We resist. 

Avoidance allows us to stay at the surface. It allows us to stay away from something painful, it protects us from feeling rejected, hurt. It attempts to keep uncertainty at bay. It prevents us from owning the problem and solving it.

Recognizing our stuckness is the first step. Recognizing that we have spent time avoiding the issue is the next one. It is with these two realizations that we can make the conscious decision to dive a little deeper – to be willing to cross into uncertainty to where vulnerability lies. It is here that working through the pain (while gaining a greater understanding,) will also build our inner strength and sense of agency. It allows us to feel hope.

When we push past the false security of avoidance, we feel movement. This allows us to continue to follow the stepping stones to our larger goals; creating an inner sense of emotional health and well being.

Photo credit:https://unsplash.com/@kylejglenn

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