Let’s Talk About Walking

I often talk about the benefits of walking – not only from an exercise perspective, but also from one of movement – as well as the mindful and purposeful seeking of peace. This is what Sarah Ban Breathnach has to say about walking in her book “Simple Abundance;”

“My desire to walk increases a hundredfold by beautiful settings – particularly rural ones.”

She goes on to explain how she felt when moving from the charming English countryside to the Western landscape of New Mexico:

“I understood why pioneers pushed past everything to find their promised land. I also understood that the Great Creator wanted me to understand that there was a  landscape larger than the one I could see at the moment. I needed to trust and continue on in faith, one step at a time, until I arrived at wherever I was supposed to be.”

And reminds us that regardless of our landscape:

“There are different reasons for walking – to increase the heart rate and build strength, to solve a creative problem, to finish that argument with yourself or someone else, to saunter and wake up to the world around you, and to meditate……I suppose it doesn’t matter why we walk, just that we do.”

Thank you for the lovely reminder :)

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jayworks

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    • Thanks for the comment, Brian. Any form of exercise is wonderful for us, including sports. Walking is the most natural form of exercise which fits well with less chance of injury, etc.


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