Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Phil

I have been listening to Dr. Phil’s podcast series on relationships. In a recent episode entitled “Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You to Live With? – Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Leading Sex Expert,” Dr. Phil is chatting sex with Dr. Lehmiller. The overall message of the episode was about communication and how important it is to include being able to talk about our sexual needs with our partners. Two points that Dr. Lehmiller spoke about that I especially thought were interesting:

“The overall average for having sex in a committed relationship is once a week. Studies show that both sex and happiness increase up until once per week, but having sex more than once per week doesn’t make people happier. More sex won’t necessarily make you happier.” He went on to speak about the importance of having quality sex and creating more meaningful encounters rather than focusing on the quantity of sex.

“We need to go into relationships realistically – you can establish sexual compatibility early on and up front, but that doesn’t mean over the entire course of your lives, things aren’t going to change……..our sexual needs might change, we encounter life stressors and hormonal changes; these can affect our sexual desire and we have to continually check in with our partners to make sure we are getting those needs met.”

Dr. Lehmiller was leading his conversation with facts from various studies and the latest research; it was an interesting podcast which aims to take a difficult topic to a more comfortable level.

To listen to the full episode: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/post/relationship-reality-check-ep4

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