Life Lessons from a Walk

I walk every day on a forest trail; this time of year it is a snowy one. I often remark to myself that my walk has something to teach me about life:

  • I can walk at a pretty good pace; until it snows and the trek becomes a bit more difficult to navigate and I have to slow down.
  • Sometimes I can go through the puddles, sometimes they are too big and I have to find a way around them.
  • I can be alone or have a companion – and both are invaluable.
  • When I come to a steep hill and look up, the climb seems impossible. So I concentrate instead on looking down at my steps in front of me. Before you know it, I have made it (albeit a little more breathless!)
  • After it snows, I don’t mind being the first footprints I see – makes me feel adventurous; other times I find comfort in the footsteps that have gone before me.
  • When the path gets too slippery due to packed snow or mud, I find my own path.
  • Walking in all seasons teaches me that there is beauty to be appreciated every day.
  • The simplest of joys are the ones that bring the most peace.

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Photo credit: Me, walking my nephew’s dog (Cricket is showing her age and can’t manage the 45 minute daily trek)


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