A Little Acronym About Boundaries

This acronym about boundaries comes to us from Nila Conzen, a holistic psychologist from Germany:

B – Be true to yourself.

O – Only say yes when you mean it.

U – Understand that not everyone will be pleased to hear them.

N – Never feel guilty for speaking your truth.

D – Do not adjust your needs to please others.

A – Ask for what you want. (I don’t know any mind readers out there.)

R – Remember why you set them in the first place.

I – Investigate your own needs.

E – Encourage others to accept your needs.

S – Say no without apologizing. 

A good reminder that when we put boundaries into place, we are honouring our own needs, learning that we can say no politely, and moving from the position of “I am important and so are you.” 

To visit Nila Conzen’s website: https://aboutthegoodlife.me/

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@fabriziochiagano

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