A Little Reminder About the Present

I love this quote by Marianne Williamson:

“Living in the present does not mean surrendering our responsibility

to correct some things from the past, or to plan and make way for the future; in fact it is

the ultimate taking of responsibility for both.”  – Marianne Williamson

Although it is important to live in the present moment as it allows us to feel less anxious and creates gratitude, it’s purpose is not to avoid. Being able to find the courage to look at your story will bring understanding, acceptance and change. I also appreciate Marianne Williamson’s acknowledgement that we must plan and make way for the future; it instills in us the concept that we can be purposeful with our life, that we can move forward with intention. When we look at it in this way, the past, the present and the future become integrated, providing significance and weight to our story.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@janbolz


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