A Little Reminder About the Joy of Seeking Adventure

I can remember the adventures of my childhood; exploring the back fields and woods with my sister, building forts among the thorn bushes, playing by the ‘big pond’ – racing over to the tracks to watch a train barreling by. Each adventure had a story.

When I came across this poem, it was a lovely reminder of the joy that comes when we seek adventure:

Little one remind me 

how to run again barefoot

through the pathless woods.

Show me where the fairies 

hide messages in curled 

up maple leaves.

Show me treasures,

rocks and feathers,

frogs that beckon us

forward, forward through the

curling grapevine.

Lead me under a moon

that is as full as 

our pockets

past chicory & mushroom rings

down, down to the river

where I can see myself

as if for the first time

peering back at me.

– Nicolette Sowder


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jwwhitt

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