Love Languages; Post 4

Today we look at another one of Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages – Physical Touch.

Not hard to see how physical touch can be high up on the priority list for people when it comes to expressing and receiving love. The value of human touch to feeling connected is essential to every relationship, but for some people, the non-verbal expression of love ranks high up on their list of love languages.

It is often interesting to explore how we were in terms of this love language as children – did we actively seek sitting in a parent’s lap? Were we told we liked to be carried a lot as toddlers? Did we seek snuggle time? Although all children appreciate and need touch as part of unconditional love, we often see nuances as to need for affection; this will carry over into our adult lives as well.

Physical touch can range from affectionate gestures such as holding hands, touches as you pass by each other, daily hugs and kisses and back rubs, to an active bedroom life where sexual intercourse plays an important role. The absence of physical touch for someone who identifies with this love language can often make them feel neglected in the relationship.

Tomorrow’s post will explore the 5th love language: Receiving Gifts.

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