Love Languages; Post 1

Dr. Gary Chapman, in his best selling book entitled “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,” writes about how to use love languages to keep your relationship healthy. Chapman’s theory is that each of us generally sees ourselves in one of the 5 love languages – quality time, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation and receiving gifts – and that we primarily give love to our partner in the way we wish to receive it.

It is important, Chapman notes, that we are familiar with both our own love language as well as our partner’s. That way, we can not only learn how to ask for what we need, we can also show love to our partner in the way that they need.

Today’s post will be on Quality Time.

Quality time is as it sounds. It is the act of taking time out of our day to spend with our partner; to carve moments that are spent together despite busy schedules. It can be anything from having dinner together every evening, to an activity that you enjoy doing, a TV show that you dedicate some time to, going to bed at the same time, going for walks, spending time together on the weekends.

If our love language includes quality time, ultimately, we wish for focused conversation and one-on-one time together. Being distracted while spending time together will take away from this process – what really matters to this love language is time well spent.

We have now been introduced to one of 5 love languages; tomorrow’s post will look at Acts of Service.

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