Love Languages; Post 3

In our series on The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, we continue with Words of Affirmation.

When we feel touched by words of affection and compliments that express appreciation, we tend to connect with words of affirmation as a love language. Words can bring about powerful messages and images; perhaps hearing “I love you” is an important part of your daily needs, compliments on your appearance, words of gratitude and appreciation, love notes or texts sent that express affection. When we hear our partner say something positive about us to someone else, it can also boost our appreciation of this love language. Conversely, insults can be notably upsetting to someone who ascribes to words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation may be a part of your chosen love language because you grew up in a home where love messages were heard frequently and saying ‘I love you’ was taught at an early age. It may also be the case that it was not heard in your home and therefore gained importance to you by way of wanting things to be different. In either case, words will place in higher rank for you in receiving and expressing love.

Tomorrow’s post will explore Physical Touch.

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