Love Languages; Post 2

Yesterday we began a series featuring Dr. Gary Chapman‘s theory on the 5 Love Languages. We started by exploring the love language of quality time; today we look at Acts of Service.

Acts of service is about what we do for our partner; it is about the demonstration of love. If acts of service is a way that you know that you are loved, it will include things perhaps such as coming home to a warm cooked meal, being taken care of when you have had a long day, a chore done that you didn’t have to ask to have completed. When our love language is acts of service, it is about how our partner uses forethought to somehow lighten our load; it is a way that we feel cared for and appreciated. What tends to work against this love language is lack of forethought or follow through; if your love language is acts of service, you really appreciate your partner’s ability to think about what you might need in order to communicate how they feel.

So far, we have explored two of the five love languages. It is important to note here that sometimes we don’t fall into only one love language. As we move along in the series, simply notice which ones stand out to you as a way that you either express love, or feel loved by.

Tomorrow’s post will look at Words of Affirmation.

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