A Lovely Passage to Remind Us of Our Goodness

This lovely passage is by Nikki Banas and it is entitled “Always Gentle:”

Always Gentle

My beautiful friend, be gentle with yourself and your soul…Be kind to yourself when you feel like you’ve failed or when you feel like you just can’t get things right.

Know that your mistakes only feel big right now, but soon they’ll just be little moments of the past. And also know that they don’t define your future; you can still grow and become in every way that you want to….

Be gentle with yourself. Be one of the people who believes in you wholeheartedly – there is plenty of discouragement out there, so create a space of encouragement within your own heart. Become the voice that always says you can, the voice that has faith in you regardless of what others say.

Be gentle with yourself, beautiful friend. Be gentle especially when you are hurting and when you’re down. Always gentle…. you really are doing great. – Nikkie Banas/Walk the Earth

“Be one of the people who believes in you wholeheartedly.” What a wonderful reminder that we can have faith in ourselves; to best create a self confidant and secure feeling in who we are, but to also shine our light so that others can follow our path.

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4 thoughts on “A Lovely Passage to Remind Us of Our Goodness”

  1. Wise advice indeed. Iā€™m reminded of a post I read years ago describing a father advising his daughter to believe in herself, noting she had believed in Santa Claus for ten years, could she not believe in herself for ten minutes. The laugh I had at this has helped to keep the advice at the front of my brain.


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