A Lovely Quote about Realization

I came across this quote which got me to thinking:

“Our lives change externally as we change internally.” – Caroline Myss

As a therapist, I have the privilege of seeing this almost every day. The ability to change something structurally comes only when we have found the courage to explore.

When we give ourselves permission to really examine something, that is when realization works to change our thought patterns, our core beliefs, and consequently the energy we release into the world. We are no longer burdened by the internal dialogue that may have seemed real, but in fact was working against our own intuition.

The first step to structural change is to simply be curious; to ask ourselves “Does it have to be this way?” When the internal shift happens, we know it and those realizations help to inform us and guide us to greater growth.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@dreamsoftheoceans


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