Loving Kindness Poem

Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts and he created a mindfulness meditation entitled “Loving-Kindness.” Whether you use it as a meditation or as a daily mantra or prayer, I especially love its sentiment:

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I ride the waves of my life

May I live in peace

No matter what I am given


May you be happy

May you be healthy

May your ride the waves of your life

May you live in peace

No matter what you are given


May we be happy

May we be healthy

May we ride the waves of our lives

May we live in peace

No matter what we are given. 

To read an article written on Loving-Kindness by Jon Kabat-Zinn which includes a full meditation: https://www.mindful.org/this-loving-kindness-meditation-is-a-radical-act-of-love/

Photo credit: http://Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

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