Making Space for Grief

When it comes to our emotions, we are best served to feel them as they come; with no judgment or criticism. There are moments where we may feel rejected; there are moments where we may feel surprised. We may feel sad or joyful. Perhaps we feel irritated or angry. Our feelings are meant to be and we must simply scooch over and offer them a seat beside us.

When we are grieving, it is a feeling that envelops us. It will often come in waves; it can feel raw and untethered. It can feel comforting. Grief carries memories which can elicit both sadness and joy. Very often, we are tempted to try and ignore grief; to tuck it away, to hide from its persistent knocking.

Grief needs to be felt. The process of grief needs to be honoured. When we do so, we in turn honour those whom we are missing.

Making space for grief is an important part of the experience of loss. When we are open to the process of grief, we not only step aside so that it may stand alongside us, we turn to grief and open our arms.

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