Managing Change During the Pandemic

We are experiencing a time of change; the pandemic is still rolling along, ebbing and flowing in accordance with society’s adherence or lack thereof. We have reached a point where getting back to “normal” has proven to bring lots of mixed feelings that runs the spectrum –  from those who are outraged about having to wear a mask in public places, to those who experience paranoia and panic. There are those who feel returning to work and life is necessary and those who have settled into a slower pace and are attached to the feeling of comfort that their social bubbles have created.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has brought consistently to the table it is the element of the unknown. From one day to the next, there is very little to rely on in terms of knowing when we are no longer going to be at risk of spreading Covid-19.

From a psychological perspective, this can be experienced as the difficulty in managing change. We tend to fear what we can’t control. Change is inevitably going to show up at our door, and it comes packed with apprehension, discomfort and anxiety. It induces avoidance.

Yet change also comes with possibility, opportunity and growth. It can strengthen faith and courage. It induces development.

We may not be able to fully know what the future brings where the pandemic is concerned, but we can manage change. We can be good citizens and follow the rules; we can aim for a balanced approach to media absorption, we can take it one day at time. We can count our blessings, we can take a deep breath when the worry strikes, we can remind ourselves that we are all in this together.

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4 thoughts on “Managing Change During the Pandemic”

  1. Thank you for your very powerful message today!
    Reading your blog daily helps centre and refocus on many experiences in my life. So once again thank you for your humble and wise teachings! May your day be blessed!


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