The Meaning of Experience

In an article entitled “3 Mindsets that make it impossible to happy – and how to turn it around” by Matt Valentine and featured on Goalcast, he writes about how our experiences and challenges growing up can lead to 3 mindsets that will hinder our ability to truly be happy. I especially resonated with something he said at the end of the article that caught my attention: “It’s not what happens to you, it’s the meaning you place on those experiences.”

Our mindsets grow from our core beliefs; the cumulative messages and experiences can take a toll on our inner belief system; allowing us to lean into one type of mindset. Valentine lists the mindsets as:

  • “I don’t deserve __________” (low self-worth)
  • “I need more” (cycle of dissatisfaction)
  • “Things are good now but something bad is going to happen” (anticipating bad after good)

Perhaps the best way to counteract a negative mindset is to begin to challenge core beliefs while maintaining the position that all experiences allow us the opportunity to grow; to transform, to blossom.

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