Meet Richard Braudo

Richard Braudo, a Toronto lawyer and management consultant, has suffered for years from bouts of debilitating depression. In what appears to be a genetic component to mental illness, Braudo lost a brother to suicide and was eventually diagnosed himself with treatment resistant bi-polar affective disorder.

In a YouTube video featuring Braudo, he talks about his experience with mental illness: “It’s not just that I’ve survived, it’s that I’ve had a quality of life… some ways it is because of my illness that I have an appreciation for life and a sensitivity to other people’s suffering.” Using tennis as an analogy, when asked “What’s the strategy, Richard?” he answered “To hit the ball one more time.”

Richard Braudo is an example of someone who not only handles his mental illness with tenacity; he also isn’t afraid to speak about it. In an article in the Globe and Mail, he talks about the importance of seeking treatment, actively working towards management: “Mr. Braudo stresses that recovery is a lot of work: Aside from ECT, he undergoes cognitive behaviour therapy, psychiatric care and treatment by a naturopathic doctor.”

Meet Richard Braudo:

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