Money and Emotions; Post 5

In our wrap up post about money and emotions, today we explore the money script (Klontz & Klontz) of Money Vigilance. Those who ascribe to this script put a lot of emphasis on saving money and tend to have their financial affairs in order. The money vigilant are less likely to buy on credit and are discrete about their financial status with others.

“The Money Vigilant are alert, watchful, and concerned about their financial health. While Money Vigilance encourages saving and frugality, it can also lead to excessive wariness or anxiety that can prevent one from enjoying the benefits and sense of security that money can provide.”

Although the money vigilant tend not to sabotage their own financial status, sometimes their fears and subsequent miserly habits can affect the relationship they have with their loved ones.  It can also prevent them from enjoying the fruits of their labour.  Klontz suggests that they create a “fun-money budget” that will allow them to recognize that creating space in your life to enjoy a well earned vacation or a ‘toy,’ can emphasize feeling joyful. Checking in with a trusted advisor on a regular basis will also help with tempering the fears associated with money vigilance.

After reading about money scripts, I can definitely see that my Dad ascribed to money vigilance. I also see some of the same tendencies in myself; especially when it comes to my feelings around debt (that will keep me up at night!) Thankfully, I also learned that when we can afford some luxuries – that includes travel for me – then we should spend without guilt or fear as it is much deserved.

This concludes our series about money and emotions. Information for this post was found at “Your Mental Wealth” and if you wish to discover your own money script, at the bottom of the article, you will find a link:

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