Morning Light and Its Message for the Day

There is something about morning sunshine. And while I appreciate sunshine at any time of the day, I am referring to the 5:45 a.m. light, the light that comes with pink and blue hues, with a stillness to the air that tells us that the day in its own glory is just beginning.

I am fortunate enough to live in area that brings me (and the dog!) into a wooded area, past a river and through both field and forest. And while the world is quiet, I am always amazed at the sounds of the birds. I have noticed that they rarely fly at that time of the day and yet the skies abound with their songs.

I have a theory, far more magical than scientific, that they are sitting at the tops of the trees singing their grateful song for a new day.  And this always reminds me of the importance of seeing each day as yet another beginning; that despite the busyness of the day or the challenges that we may face (or be facing), that there is a rhythm and cycle to our energy. And like the birds, we can begin our day with renewed energy and spirit; all the while being thankful for the opportunity.

Photo credit: Me! – along the shores of the Ottawa River

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6 thoughts on “Morning Light and Its Message for the Day”

  1. I like to think that the magical is the genesis of scientific inquiry, they are not mutually exclusive. I’ve also noticed, as I too love that time of day, that the wind hasn’t picked up yet. I will announce when I leave home later on that it’s colder, rainier, windier etc. and that it had been beautiful at dawn. It is indeed a wonderful time of day.

  2. This is a beautiful teaching this morning! I love your words “there is a rhythm and cycle to our words” powerful, Thank you!


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