Moving Past Our Programming

As we grow, we form core beliefs, habits, ways of thinking and being. Sometimes those can help us; they line up with our goals and fit nicely with our personalities and temperament, or they might get in the way, causing us to feel stuck in our attempt to move forward.

When we have been doing something for a long time, it begins to feel as though it is a part of us. Take the example of comparing ourselves to others – that might be a natural tendency as we are a relationship species and want to form connections with others, but it may have also gotten reinforced at some key points in our lives. Perhaps we were compared to siblings or friends, perhaps we were taught in school that the more we achieved, the higher the success, and so forth. We certainly exist in a society that teaches us that ‘more is better,’ and it matters how many ‘likes’ you get.

When we figure out what might be a habit that is getting in the way of our growth, we can decide to move past our programming. We can become curious, asking ourselves “Just how is this serving me?” And from here, we can begin to explore alternate ways of thinking and doing that better line up with our goals, creating stepping stones along the way. :)

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