A Nature Quote to Consider

The following passage was found on a post from Youth Mental Health Canada:

“Hello, my name is Jack Linklater Jr. I live in Attawapiskat, Ontario. I am Cree and proud to be. I live along the James Bay shorelines, the lowlands of the Mushkegowuk territory.

My message to you if you’re having a hard time: Look to the tree, as it shows you to stand tall and proud. Look to the rock, as it shows you the strength you need. Look to the river as it shows you to keep moving forward in life, as it flows and to never give up. To the flowers, as it shows you the love you need, the colours. The grass, as it teaches you forgiveness, as it always grows and grows no matter if you keep stepping on it. It’s there to show you to forgive.

We matter. Every living thing matters. The trees, the rocks, the flowers. You matter. Stay Strong.” – Jack Linklater Jr. 

To visit the Youth Mental Health Canada website: https://ymhc.ngo/

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@olhamaliar

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