A Neat Way to View Relationships: Post 1

Marianne Williamson has a way of looking at relationships that focuses on our spiritual connection to others. She notes that relationships are assignments, and are part of a bigger plan towards expanded love. She talks about three levels of relationships, each providing teachable moments to greater awareness.

Level 1 relationships are those that we would consider to be casual encounters; someone you might chat with at the dentist office, or a person you begin talking to while you’re waiting in line at the store. Marianne Williamson writes:

“It is mostly in casual encounters that we are given a chance to practice the fine art of chiseling away the hard edges of our personalities. Whatever personal weaknesses are evident in our casual interactions will inevitably appear magnified in more intense relationships. If we’re crabby with the bank teller, it will be harder to be gentle with the people we love the most.” -Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

I have always considered it a part of good manners to be friendly to those we meet out in public; whether that be someone who serves us in a restaurant or someone we pass by on the street. I appreciate Marianne Williamson’s description of what it means to come in soft, to be kind to those around us, to extend positive regard to our casual encounters; it creates a richer experience to our everyday life.

Tomorrow’s post will explore Level 2 relationships.

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