One Thing You Should Say to a Loved One

Here I go with the shoulds and shouldn’ts again :) Yesterday we talked about something that you should never say to a loved one, today we focus on something you should say to a loved one:

“You can count on me.”

In order to be independent, we have to be dependent. We are a relationship species and our attachment system works in us to aim for a secure base in order to feel safe. This requires our ability to rely on others to be our emotional anchors.

And the same goes for us. In  healthy relationships, we rely on another’s presence and investment. In order for the relationship to be fully healthy, this is a reciprocal process. When we know that the relationship provides shared stability, we feel grounded and it gives us permission to be curious about ourselves – leading to movement and growth.

You can count on me; what a lovely thought. :)

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