The Opposite of Gratitude

When we first think of the opposite of gratitude, it is natural to think of being ungrateful. Not appreciating what you have, failing to see your blessings, not giving due return. Although we are on the right track, perhaps we can take it one step further and explore the idea that the opposite of gratitude is entitlement. 

As part of our emotional wellness, we focus a lot on self-care, the art of loving yourself, and what we deserve. When we are moving from a soulful, grounded position, we are able to recognize our worth without feeling or being entitled. Entitlement comes from insecurity; it is based on a false sense of pride. It’s focus is usually on something external that signifies prestige and not on something internal (which is the source of wellness.)

“I deserve healthy love” looks very different from “Anyone who dates me is lucky to have me.”

“I deserve to be respected” looks very different from “I should be earning more at this entry level position.”

Entitlement’s focus becomes what we can get and why we think we deserve it; it keeps us in a place of inauthenticity as it fails to target our inner centeredness. It has the potential to keep us shallow.

“Thank you” looks very different than “You owe me.” Gratitude aligns with abundance. It’s center is internal; it keeps us humble. When we are able to see and acknowledge our blessings, we create room for what we deserve – joy, well-being, love.

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