P.A.C. – Before You Act

Sometimes we need to press the pause button. Our feelings can move us into an action urge, that if acted upon, may come with regret, feeling guilty, and the consequential need for repair. We are much better served to slow things down. I came across this acronym which allows us to work with the power of the pause:

P: Pause – take a deep breath; that usually gives us a few moments to say to ourselves “Okay, slow down.”

A: Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. Jot them down if it further slows down the process for you; ask yourself, “How is this situation making me feel? What are my thoughts about it? How do I want to react?”

C: Clear your mind. Going through the above process will help you to gain more clarity about the situation. From this point, exploring solutions will move you towards healthier, more productive choices.

When our emotions are in a heightened state, we can use PAC to slow ourselves down, bringing rationality as an informing component to our actions. This will lead to greater emotional intelligence as well as healthier relationships.

PAC was found in the following article: https://www.6seconds.org/2018/03/28/emotional-intelligence-tips-choice/

Photo credit:http://Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

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