Parenting Through the Tough Times

In an article entitled “The Most Valuable Thing a Parent Can Do For Their Kids” by Glennon Doyle Melton and featured on, Melton talks about the challenge we face as parents when hardship strikes. Speaking candidly about how separating from her husband led her to feelings of failure as a parent, she came to realize some valuable insight about how to best guide our children through difficult times:

“What if it has never been our job—or our right—to protect our children from every incoming bump and bruise? What if, instead, our obligation is to point them directly toward life’s inevitable trials and tribulations and say, ‘Honey, that challenge was made for you. It might hurt, but it will also nurture wisdom, courage, and character. I can see what you’re going through, and it’s big. But I can also see your strength, and that’s even bigger. This won’t be easy, but we can do hard things.” 

If we have done our best to help protect our children by shouldering as much as we can when it comes to the tough stuff, then it is also okay to give ourselves permission to see that struggle can also bring to the experience some valuable lessons, not only for ourselves but for our children as well.

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