A Poem about Love

I have been working with a client recently who has come to counselling to get help processing her emotions as she cares for her mother in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. As part of her healing, she has begun writing again and this week she brought in this beautiful poem; she has given me written consent to share it:


I go down for my visit with you every day, and we spend time alone, you and me

And I cuddle, and care for, and remind you you’re loved,

Just like you did, when you mothered me.


I rub cream on the fragile skin of your hands, and put cream on your face tenderly

And you look at me like I’m the light of your world,

Just like I did, when you mothered me.


I read fun little stories and we sing nursery rhymes,

And it has us both laughing with glee;

And I think of those Sunday night stories in bed

Do you remember when you mothered me?


I sit here and hide all my feelings of loss, since Alzheimer’s took you from me

And I yearn for your comforting words and advice,

But that was back then, when you mothered me.


And you cry when I tell you that I have to go, I say “I’ll be here tomorrow, you’ll see”

And you cling like a child, holding tight to my hand,

Just like I did, when you mothered me.


I sit home every night wishing I had you back, I could call you when I was in need

You’d be here in a flash and I’d lean on your strength

Oh, how I wish you could still mother me.


But I’ll go down tomorrow and the day after that, and I’ll nurture and see to your needs

And I’ll love you and treat you with all my respect

Because that was how you mothered me

Sue Diotte, Jan. 2019

An important aside: As this is an original writing, I had to give some thought as to whether or not to share it; I was concerned about identifying a client but also of risking that a poem be published without the true author’s name. I brought up my concerns to Sue and she noted that she wanted the poem published with her name and was aware that it would identify her as one of my clients, of which she felt comfortable. I feel grateful to her for the wisdom found in this poem and the ability it will carry in helping others who are experiencing a similar story. Thank you, Sue :)

Photo credit: http://Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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