The Power of A Smile

I read this poem the other day and it reminded me about the power that a smile has:

He didn’t know her but she smiled, and he needed that today

and he smiled back and she walked past and carried on their way.

And he walked on and he kept pace and other people passed his way and he smiled

and they smiled back and they needed that today.

And they walked on and he walked on and other people passed their ways 

and they smiled and they smiled back and others walked towards and then away.

And she got home and she won’t know how many lives were changed because she smiled

and he smiled back and she needed that today.

– Unknown

The concept of paying it forward is altruistic as we never really know the person’s reaction to our kindness. We can assume of course that they were touched, but how did it actually affect their way of moving in the world that day?

It also shows us the power of a smile; that in its natural, simplest and intentional approach, it has the ability to carry a message of courage, strength and hope.

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