The Price of Indifference

Sometimes we don’t care because we are depressed. Other times, it can come from an inability to properly access feelings or from rigid thinking. It can also be created as a protective layer due to childhood emotional neglect. We see it as a side effect to addiction. In any case, what results is an air of indifference; leaving those in relationship feeling dismissed or disrespected.

What is the cost to indifference in a relationship? For the person who is indifferent – isolation. They may be able to sustain relationships, but they will become stagnant or underdeveloped, leading only to a certain level of closeness. People will love them, but will also report feeling a lack of full investment.

And for the person on the receiving end of indifference? Isolation. An underlying feeling that they can’t truly count on that person; leading eventually, to questioning the validity of the relationship. Indifference erodes the relationship in a slow and painful way.

We are much better served when our focus in on connection. When we work from the position of being invested in our relationships, through both word and action. When we recognize our shortcomings and work hard to repair them. When we decide we won’t carry the weight of that indifference and adjust accordingly.

Investment instead of indifference – a worthy goal.

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