Questioning Your Relationship?

An article in Good Therapy entitled “5 Tips to Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships” (submitted by Zawn Villines), featured the sage advice that not all insecurity is unwarranted. That sometimes we have to objectively examine the behaviour of our partner to determine if he/she is incapable of meeting our reasonable, emotional needs; therefore creating the insecurity. If upon determining that your issue with insecurity in the relationship is not in your partner’s inability, but rather has come to you through your  own past experiences, these two tips seemed particularly relevant:

  1. Avoid mind reading: very often we make assumptions about our partner’s thoughts rather than just asking them. The assumptions we make can often lead us to feeling insecure and that is when overthinking can take over.
  2. Quit the comparison game: One of those “grass is greener on the other side” type deals happens when we compare our relationships to those around us, or comparing our current partner to past ones. This can lead to insecure feelings based on our perception of what we see “on the outside looking in.”

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